EiCAD represents the point of convergence of the latest technology in the CAD/BIM market.

First, we leverage proven industry best practices for CAD and BIM production merged with the latest in reality capture technology. Best-in-class as-built information is woven with equipment and other databases to make drawings smart. In this regard EiCAD is similar to other CAD consulting organizations. However, this is where the similarities end. Historically, the industry bottleneck and nearly insurmountable cost is at the point of producing 3D models and converting 2D drawings. EiCAD leverages a mix of industry experts and tightly integrated, highly successful independent contractor relationships that allows EiCAD to scale to any level.

Our unparalleled QA/QC process ensures the success of your project which is the final arc of convergence which is EiCAD’s integrated solution. This solution is applied to your AEC and environmental compliance project requirements.