Ei’s CAD Team utilizes computer programming logic and trade secrets in combination with color 3D point cloud data and color photo-spheres to digitally process and tag asset equipment (e.g., pumps, valves, pipes, flanges, connectors and instrumentation).

The workflow to create a digital tag inventory of process equipment involves the following steps:

  • Create a database of fugitive components subject to monitoring (while assuming all valves/components will have a database point, i.e. LDAR-applicable)

  • Identify geospatial addresses (x,y,z coordinates of components) will be unique identifier of ‘virtual LDAR tags’.

  • Implement virtual tags in 3D, thus eliminating physical tags (see image below)


We provide the following deliverables as a result of these type of projects:

  • 3D point cloud in various formats, including points of interest tagged by equipment ID for major equipment (columns, vessels, drums and exchangers).

  • Smaller components digitally inventoried utilizing latitude, longitude, and elevation (X,Y,Z) coordinates.

  • Database export of equipment grouped by type, size, and other requested data properties.